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Over the years, as water and melted snow seep into the soil under concrete at your home it will expand and contract. As this soil shifts and settles, empty spaces can be created. The concrete can sink into these holes and ultimately create cracks in slabs or spaces between slabs.

Why Does Concrete Settle?

There are many reasons and situations that can cause the settling of concrete. These include drastic fluctuations in the moisture level of the soil from rainy weather or an extended period of dry weather that could cause the soil to become depleted of water and shrink.

Moisture Levels

The moisture level in the soil will fluctuate over time, it will cause the concrete slab on the soil to become damaged. If the soil becomes saturated with water due to improper drainage, this water will cause the ground to become weak and no longer be able to support the slab.

Soil Shrinkage

If the weather is hot and dry for longer periods of time, it will cause soil to shrink. As the soil dries out, it will create empty areas below the slab. Over time, these holes will put stress on the concrete slab that will eventually cause it to fail.

Incorrect Compaction

During construction, soil has to be removed and replaced. Once this is done it is critical that it is replaced to the original density as when it was taken out. If the dirt is not appropriately compacted, it can rapidly speed up the forming of spaces under the concrete poured above. These spaces will put undue weight on the slab and can cause settling over time.

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Where We Can Level Concrete

Any time there is earth supporting your concrete, there is the danger of requiring concrete leveling. These are the most problematic locations that we've seen both commercial and homeowners needing our services:

The Solution: Polyjacking

The trusted alternative to removing and replacing your cracked or settling concrete is polyjacking.

This is a relatively new technology that makes use of polyurethane foam to lift and restore these sinking slabs back to their intended position. In the past a process called mudjacking has been used to perform a similar procedure. The benefit that polyjacking has over mudjacking is the polyurethane foam quickly expands to fill the void and then harden to permanently restore the concrete in position.

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